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school introduction

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We spread Japan’s charm and contribute to worldwide friendship and development through our Japanese education program.

Mission Statement Regarding Education

We set our goals that our students learn necessary cultures and customs in order to get used to Japanese society.

Students will acquire Japanese language skills which is necessary to move onto the next stage of their education such as universities or technical schools in Japan.

Students will acquire a wealth of knowledge and culture, and they are expected to become people who have responsibilities for development both for your own country and Japan.

We try to improve the level of create a comfortable environment for which to study for our students with all of the rooms having air-conditioning so that students can concentrate on their studying by short terms and improve their Japanese language skills efficiently. Additionally, we encourage students to participate in open campus and Academic Consultation and help them decide which universities or technical schools they are going on to after graduation.

Students will be able to learn Japanese culture and tradition through various school events in a year such as Kakizome (a special piece of calligraphy for the New Year), Karuta (a special cards game for the New Year)and Bean-Throwing Festival or through various field trip to historic landmarks and factory tours.
Additionally, students will be able to learn about local firms and a good deal of how a Japanese person thinks when they participate in the local festival or events through the cultural exchange.

Students will be able to see the outcome of out teaching by taking the Japanese Language Proficiency Test and with trial examinations, so they will have proof of their continuous growth.

about us

Name of school Aichi Kotonoha Academy
Address 14-10 Inarichohane
Iwakura Aichi 482-0006
Telephone +81-587-58-6601
Fax +81-587-58-6602
URL www.kotonoha-jp.com
MAIL info@kotonoha-jp.com
Principal Tomio Suzuki

principal message

principal image

At Aichi Kotonoha Academy, we are aware that students arrive in Japan cherishing their dreams for their future. We are committed to providing such promising students with an optimal learning environment in which they can engage in their Japanese language study without worry and work hard together with their peers.
Also, we offer our students various opportunities to experience authentic Japanese culture and tradition through school events and out-of-school activities. Cultural exchanges with the local people also aid students to learn about the people’s mindset and the lifestyle in Japan.
Alongside a number of these opportunities, our excellent school staff helps all students maximize their potential in a cosy, safe environment for study and living. We particularly value each student’s character and capacity for individually tailored learning and life support.
We believe that the experience at Aichi Kotonoha Academy will equip our students with abilities to actively make their own ways in the world. Our students will be the leaders who can build bridges between their countries and Japan.

School Principal Tomio Suzuki


The place - Aichi, is located in almost the center of Japan and there are a lot of manufacturing technology firms such as automobile industries and aerospace industries.
Our school is located in Iwakura city which is in the north-west area of Aichi. We have a famous river which is called Gojyo river, has been known for having a beautiful Sakura viewing spot, so we are just in a rich and plentiful nature environment.
Our location is very close to Nagoya city which is considered next to Tokyo and Osaka, and it takes only 20 minutes to get to Nagoya station, the biggest terminal/hub station in the Chubu area, without a transfer. You can see a lot of well-known companies, universities and technical schools, and of course, enjoy the latest fashion, art, fancy shops and nice cafeteria or restaurants.

Train access

6 minutes on foot from Taisanji station on Meitetsu Inuyama line

From the main terminal/hub station

about 19 minutes by train (from Nagoya station to Taisanji station)

From Chubu international airport

about an hour by train (from Chubu international airport station to Taisanji station)